Liceo Scientifico - Le crociate: studiare il passato per comprendere il presente (ENGLISH)

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Studiare il passato per comprendere il presente! I nostri studenti del terzo anno del Liceo Scientifico hanno svolto una interessante attività di gruppo sulle Crociate. Rigorosamente in Lingua Inglese sotto l'attenta supervisione della Prof. Ssa Woodward!

The Crusades: A team building activity

The Crusades, a series of religious wars between Christians and Muslims, during the medieval period, had the aim of securing control of holy sites considered sacred by both groups. As an introduction to the historical crusading movement, we presented a thought-provoking challenge to our third year scientific high school students. In small groups, they exercised their English skills by working orally to tackle the task of piecing together a text on the topic. Through this task, students were able to establish a timeline for the First and Second Crusades as well as identify the causes and motivations and explain some of their positive and negative results.

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